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We are committed to being among the leading farmers, exporters, and distributors of wide range of agro-allied products. These products are processed under hygienic conditions to ensure long shelf life. With excellent packaging and prompt delivery, we have gained a remarkable position in the hearts of our esteemed customers
Our supply products are cocoa beans, ginger, sesame seeds, soybeans and gari (a West African staple made from cassava tubers). We provide our produce rich; directly from the tropical climate supported green farmlands of West Africa; hence our profound pride in the quality and originality of our exports.

In generating our premium produce, Capital Merchants Inc. adopts international best practices and standards, the most exceptional result-oriented technology and expertise obtainable in the industry to harness out quality products that meet global standards and the expectations and satisfactions of our teaming customers.The company is supported by a team of intrapreneurs, technical engineers, agro-economists and quality control specialists whose dedication and industry knowledge have ensured a resourced consistency in the production of high-quality agro-products.
As a corporate social entrepreneurship, our emphasis is in boosting the economic returns of our very modest, humble and self-effacing supply chains from Africa to satisfy our global customers with unbeatable, top of the echelon quality products at best prices.
Hence, we have a commitment and a socioeconomic responsibility to all our stakeholders and investors.

At Capital Merchants Inc., we are not just about the present, but the future of agribusiness also. This stance is echoed in our not being ‘just’ another profit making venture, but are a corporate social entrepreneurship with a vested commitment and social responsibility to synergistically improve the lots of all the stakeholders in our agribusiness value chain. A term we have come to agree with is that we supply some of the most sorted after products in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Surprisingly, despite the great demand for these essential products, the elitist consuming world has done little to secure an improved and sustainable future for an increasing supply of these commodities. Cocoa beans, ginger, Sesame Seed, Soybeans are being mostly produced by peasant farmers in Africa. But these are small holding farms where primitive methods of farming are still the only production techniques. And these practices which do not only impact the quality and quantity of yields but also exploit the little labor involved in these modest production sources.