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Socio-Economic Responsibilities and Policies


At Capital Merchants Inc., we are not just about the present, but the future of agribusiness also. This stance is echoed in our not being ‘just’ another profit making venture, but are a corporate social entrepreneurship with a vested commitment and social responsibility to synergistically improve the lots of all the stakeholders in our agribusiness value chain. A term we have come to agree with is that we supply some of the most sorted after products in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Surprisingly, despite the great demand for these essential products, the elitist consuming world has done little to secure an improved and sustainable future for an increasing supply of these commodities. Cocoa beans, ginger, Sesame Seed, Soybeans are being mostly produced by peasant farmers in Africa. But these are from small hold farms where primitive methods of farming are still the only production techniques. And these are practices which do not only impact the quality and quantity of yields negatively but exploit the little labor involved in these modest production sources.

At Capital Merchants Inc, our primary goal is to help balance this disparity and inadvertently save the future of our beloved food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.
Some of the ways we intend to achieve this feat are to:

  • Ensure that a labor commensurable return is appropriately remitted to the peasant cultivators
  • Educate farmers and producers with proper knowledge, technology, and supplies to support the production of many improved varieties of exportable farm produce.
  • Support and facilitate with knowledge and resources on every step (transportation, processing, and shipment) in the value adding chain.
  • Invest indirectly beneficial research programs
  • Cooperate and liaise with like-minded organizations in the execution of social responsibilities.
  • Facilitate the formation of independent local monitoring committees/bodies that would participate in the implementation and management of our social reforms.

On this journey, all stakeholders are in a win-win situation, hence our clarion call for all to join in and walk/work with us. Procuring any of our products automatically qualifies an individual or organization as partner and participant in this great renaissance mission. But, even a word of advice could make you an indispensable ally!

The Cocoa Case-Study:

The following is a study case that highlights the dire necessity to take proactive steps now at secureing the dwindling fortunes of our future in order to sustain our survivability.

From the wet mountainous forests of South America to the canopy jungles of West Africa and the humid plantations of South Asia, even so was the migration of cocoa beans. The demand for one of the world’s most coveted food products keeps increasing even as the world (EU and North America in particular) cannot curtail their insatiable cravings for chocolates. Daily we get inundated with the tepid news of prices of cocoa soaring and how the near future would be bleak for lovers of chocolate worldwide due to the subdued production of the essential crop. Meetings and conferences are been held by several stakeholder organizations, but very few if any had successfully looked into and addressed the plight of the humble cocoa farmers.
Between Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroun more than 70% of global cocoa output are gotten. Most of which are from small scale farm holdings that are neither mechanized nor technically financed to support quality yield production. And, even worse the ‘good profit’ generated at the end of the cocoa –> chocolate chain hardly trickles down to the fissured hands tilling the hard tropical grounds. Greatest parts of the gains go to those higher up in the chain of the business while the real heroes and heroines whose painstaking sweats have been feeding the world fat for decades on chocolate never knew the luxury of a chocolate taste!
But while the above again exposes the paradox with capitalism as a failed answer to our global survivability, it again reveals why social approaches to social problems have remained the only joker in our pack and hence at Capital Merchants Inc., we are a proud social corporate entrepreneurship!