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Cocoa is one of our most valuable supply products, and it needs no introduction anymore to the world. The Latin name for cocoa – Theobroma- means “food of the gods.” And the global consumption of chocolates and hundreds of beverages made from cocoa beans liquor and paste are enough testimonials.

Our merchantable cocoa bean is well fermented, thoroughly dry, free from smoky beans, free from unusual or foreign odors and free from any evidence of adulteration. It is reasonably uniform in size, reasonably free from broken grains, fragments and pieces of shell and free from foreign matter such as stone, tramp metal or other issues likely to cause damage to the processing plant.

We comply in all respects with the regulations laid down in the International Cocoa Standards

Flavor and Aroma: Free from undesirable odors and off flavors (viz, Mouldy, Smoky, Acidic, objectionably Astringent). To be equal to previously accepted deliveries, consistent and characteristic of the product.

Physical Properties:

Moudy beans < 5% maximum by count
Slaty beans < 5% maximum by count
Infested / Insect damaged – 3% maximum by count
Germinated / Flat beans
Bean Size Bean size is defined by the bean count and expressed by the number of beans per 100g.
The bean count shall be 100 or less (Maincrop).


Moisture (typically) – 6.00% – 8.00%
Fat (typically) – 55.0% to 59.00% (in dry nib)
Free Fatty acid level – 1.00% maximum


Should have been treated with minimum possible pesticides, according to Good Agricultural Practices with residues at less than the Codex MRLs.


Delivery in hygienically packed hessian sacks each weighing 64kg and opening stitched with thread.